Our magic world

Let yourself be enchanted by Sicily’s wonders

A Multicultural Land 
A mix of cultures and history Halfway between East and West, Africa and Europe.

Sicily lies at the crossroad of the Mediterranean and has always been an ideal meeting point for diverse peoples and cultures. This has imbued the island with a unique charm, an incredible atmosphere, and a rich cultural and artistic heritage. Today, Sicily is a palimpsest of earlier civilizations, with their remains intermingling against a backdrop of extraordinary natural beauty.
The Island of Wonders
Enchanting Landscapes and Lush Nature.

The diverse terrain of Sicily deeply moves travelers, evoking new and delightful emotions. From the awe-inspiring Mount Etna to the sandy beaches and towering promontories, to the rolling hills covered in wheat fields, Sicily offers a wealth of breathtaking natural scenery and stunning vegetation.

Discover The Flavors Of Our Land
The Great Gastronomic Tradition and History of Sicilian Cuisine.

Gathering around a table is perhaps the best way to experience the richness of Sicily and its cultural traditions. Countless opportunities await to sample the island's unique specialties, which evoke long-forgotten flavors. From traditional street food to refined dishes, from mouth-watering sweets and pastries to delectable ice cream, all accompanied by award-winning wines and liqueurs. Come and discover the depth and variety of Sicilian cuisine.
At Tour Plus Sicilia we are aware of our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment.

Being aware that protecting our environment is urgent and important, we provide a meaningful quality experience, safeguards natural and cultural values and support development in the location we operate.

Giving preference to everything that is local allows to keep the profit in the community, ensure that the destination continues to exist and the local community prosper.